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I've never seen a fruit fly... but i'm sure they do.

I am refusing to acknowledge the news that my television is spewwing at me. I can't believe america is so stupid. I cant believe I am either... lately the stupidest stuff has been bringing me down. Highschool needs to end, I'm really sick of playing all these stupid games just to keep people off my back. I also wish people would just say what they want, is it that hard? Do you want me to persue a relationship with you, do you just want a friend with benifits, do you wish to cut off contact altogether? I'm sick of looking for undertones, i just need people to be blunt for one week. Get rid of misinterpretations, they're so damn annoying. So is this war... ugh, i could go on a rant but i already have gone on about 12 with my father. I won though, so that makes me feel better. However... just 2 more hours and I'll be able to start getting ready for work. Tomorrow is going to be interesting...

Pacifists gone? No, In the end I knew we'd never finish, you never let us start.

Axis of Evil Microcosms

I tell you, it's a vicious cycle. Yet they never listen, but they will. Oh yes, one day they will...
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