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glucophage + almotriptan malate + amitriptyline = no sleep

hence more of this...

Which Glendinningite are you?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

English by birth but brought up in Scotland, you have a reputation for permanently being a bit confused. However, this is not so: underneath the bemused exterior a powerful mind is at work, processing the environment and sharply reasoning about the world around you. The result is a lean, mean, thinking machine that looks a bit like a startled rabbit.

Arguably one of the nicest people anyone could hope to meet, you also have a stomach that probably defies the laws of physics. Able to actually eat more than the entire nation of Bangladesh in a single sitting, you're also impossibly slim; something some of the other Glendinning residents are perhaps a little jealous of. No matter. All will be equalised come the revolution.

Which Evil Criminal are You?

hehh... i get people to follow me. and i have minions... and mittons... but i wouldnt turn my minions into mittens.

Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?

i've taken that test before, i was robocop. hmmm...why do I remember that?
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