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insomnia induced boredom causes...

stupid quizes like this.

Your Hidden Sexual Talent is Getting People to Lick You Everywhere!

Your lovers will lick you *anywhere*
Oh yes.... even there!
A little kiss, a little suck.
You'll be clean before you fuck.

What's *Your* Hidden Sexual Talent?

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thong panties

You Are Thong Panties!

Lusty, and a little slutty.
You turn heads everywhere!

What's Kind of Panties Are *You*?

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eyebrow piercing

You Are An Eyebrow Piercing

You think most people who get peircings are posers -
Unless they have a ton of them, like you.
You've been known to scare young children for fun.
You've got more holes than friends... and are proud of it!

What Piercing Are *You*?

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Apparently.. I also taste like fruit loops. see?

Sweet, colorful, and crunchy.
With enough chemicals to kill
A family of four. Sugar coated fangs!

didn't too much like the picture...

half virgin half whore

You Are 1/2 Virgin, 1/2 Whore!

50-50, baby! Ah, you are fairly normal.
Secretly, you are a adventurous soul just waiting for someone to take control. Open up a little, and you'll show your guy the best sex ever.
You are great at kissing, getting yourself off, and using your hands.

What Do Girls Whisper Behind Your Back? Virgin or Whore Quiz Tells All!

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these are depressing me. i'm going back to trying to sleep.
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