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Hail, friend types.

I have decided that this ridiculously extended hiatus from regular posting has to end. There are several reasons for this:
  • I miss the crap out writing for me and sharing my crazy thoughts with my friends.

  • Writing out my crazy thoughts helps me become... well, less crazy.

  • I know it's still a few months away, but I am planning on participating in NaNoWriMo (kind of) to get back to my novel and I think I could really use the practice of just being candid. I've spent the better part of a year writing mostly for my employer, and I miss being able to just let loose with my own written voice.

  • I'm pissed at the news and it's an election year. I need an outlet other than my boyfriend, because I fear he may go bonkers if he has to bear the brunt of my rants about how the news media is failing the electorate.

To that last point, I am also going to revive spade_news. It was vastly helpful to me in the madness of the last election, people seemed to like it, and it's becoming abundantly clear to me that corporate-owned "old media" just sucks. I mean, c'mon. When an article in The Onion is the most believable and well-crafted piece you read all day, that's a sad commentary.

I blame a significant portion of this mounting angst on the fact that I've taken a shine to HBO's The Newsroom and I essentially am a younger version of the militantly idealistic EP -- but without the stab wound scars from reporting overseas in war zones. Surprisingly, despite having spent a full year in the belly of the beast and working at a local FOX station, I still love journalism and firmly believe in the necessity of the Fourth Estate.

In the spirit of this, spade_news will have none of the bullshit fluff that occupies a good half of the average nightly newscast. There will be no flowery profiles of candidates, no shallow abstracts about upcoming legislation, and there will certainly be no ridiculous fearmongering about which kitchen appliance could be killing you. Nay, the focus will be on issues that impact people, and I promise to deliver the straight dope using only the type of honesty that is as blunt as a spoon coated in silly putty.

Unlike old media, I want readers to be involved. If you want more information about something, tell me and I'll do my darnedest to look into it. If you think I'm wrong or that my source is crap, tell me and we'll talk. Creating an informed and vibrant discussion is what the news should be about, anyway. I'd also be happy to add writers dedicated to the mission to the group, and I may even do a little recruiting.

So, there's that. Plan set. Yukon, ho!

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