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This ain't no game show...

I got a text message from Barack Obama's campaign today telling me that I could win a dinner with the president at George Clooney's house and the air fare would be covered. It's been irking me for hours.

To clarify, it's not that I don't think the event would be awesome. Clearly, it'd be a heck of a lot of fun and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I mean c'mon, you'd get to hang out with the most influential man on the planet [reminder: we still have hundreds of nukes] and one of Hollywood's finest charmers -- and no, I totally don't care that George is twice my age. His smile still has the power to transform my kneecaps into gelatin. It's that, as much as I would enjoy that little vacation, I don't need it.

In point of fact, I have several things that I do legitimately need -- all of which could be taken care of if they gave me the money that will go into preparing that dinner, flying some lucky bastard into LAX, and paying for all the Secret Service staff shifts and travel expenses. I could buy groceries for the first time in a month. I currently require toilet paper, but cannot buy any until Friday. I could start repaying back my federal student loans, which I've never been able to make a dent in because I simply don't make enough to pay back the sums I had to borrow to get the degree that got me my college-required job. Thinking about it in that way just makes me disgusted that it's such an incredibly wasteful and unnecessary gimmick.

Call me crazy, but I expect better from my president. I know it's a campaign year and it's super tough to get cranky, disenfranchised voters to the polls. The glistening sheen of a historical election has kind of lost a little bit of its luster now and the GOP actually offered up a candidate that isn't completely batshit cray -- but this isn't a freaking game show. I don't want to be the lucky contestant that gets to come on down for a delux dinner with celebrities. I want my politicians to do things that make a positive difference, and this dinner doesn't do that. It's so temporary and pointless, it makes me sad. That expenditure of time and resources could -- and I think should -- be spent on something much more worthy.

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