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It's the little things...

Sometimes, our success manifests itself in really strange and beautiful ways.

Tonight, I was frustrated with work. We had a lot of potential spot-news false starts, which kept bringing my workflow to a screeching halt. My reporters were late in getting me their scripts, thus making me scramble. My coworker didn't do a very simple request, and I think it was an intentional omission.

But you know what? I powered through it. Despite all of the challenges, I got out at midnight, which is an improvement on the norm -- considering even seamless nights could get stretched to 1:30 with the damn video machine. Also, I completed everything I needed to -- and made time to do a few extra things as well, including the request that was skipped.

Sure, I came home cranky and feeling grumpy abut tomorrow, but then I got on Facebook to make my usual late-night rounds and saw some comments that pulled me to the FOX 9 page. One of them was for a viewer thanking us for putting the videos of our weekly fitness segments on the web. This was something I just kind of started doing and branded as FOX 9 Fitness on my own, because I thought it would be a unique offering that could be bookmarked and referenced by fitness fiends. Now, not only are they being sought, but the users are requesting them by branded name.

When I saw that and looked back on the day, I realized there's a reason I do what I do. I'm really fucking good at it.

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