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It's not baseball's fault TV programming is retarded...

Wow. That was a really weird experience. Chrome logged me out of LJ, and then told me I needed to create an account and didn't have the log-in prompt at the top of the screen. Did I mess up something with all my browser-hacking, or is this a problem others have experienced of late?

Anyway, this week has been arduous, to say the very least. Nearly every work day has been an 11-hour one, and it's because of baseball. It's been interesting because the game usually eats our 5 p.m. broadcast, so I have a LOT of time to post more web content beyond just reporter scripts and tweak the website. That's been fun and informative, and y'know what? I thought we were going to have a miserable week pageview-wise because I figured without the newscast, people wouldn't see stories they wanted to share or would just flake on the news for a day or two. Not so! I raked 15,000 more than the totals for 4 weeks ago and 52 weeks ago today, and I feel like a web champion.

Buuuuut it also means our programming schedule has been totally jacked. Prime time shows are getting pushed back, and so is our broadcast. That means we don't get off air until after 11 p.m. Thus, I don't get to leave until hella late because our video capabilities are crippled on good days.

It also means I constantly have to deal with people asking questions about why we don't have the updated schedule posted on our website. The answer for this is because this shit is -- literally -- done on the fly. We don't know when the show will start, because we don't know if there will be extra innings or a rain delay or whatever else. We don't know until the game starts whether FOX is going to bump its prime time line-up to follow the game or not. We are flying by the seat of our pants, people. It's exhausting.

In other news, I have pretty much decided that this weekend I will buckle down and CLEAN ALL THE THINGS. I will hit the grocery store and pick up some yarn for what I think will be my next Super Fun Project That Might Even Make Me Money. I'm going to make a kids' scarf with "pawkets" and a matching hat with cat ears. I figure if it turns out well, I'll take pictures and put it on Etsy as a will-make-to-order item and then give the first-draft to Holly and Corey's little Lydia. Then, I will make one for quirky adults like me.

Also, you're welcome for this.

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