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Let's smash some trash can lids together.

I friggen love electronic music. I can't even tell you.

I've been listening to the Oceanlab station on Pandora that I've been tailoring with likes and dislikes for a few months, and it is seriously an aural aphrodesiac. I catch myself bobbing my head at work while I'm writing things up. My neck is actually sore from how frequently I do it. I really enjoy it, but I think I'm breaking my computer in the process.

So far this work week, it has smoked, overheated, and shut off twice during each shift. The video import machine doesn't like me much better, but at least it's only failing on two or three videos a shift now instead of oh, I don't know -- locking me out. Seriously, Cody must have been right. Machines just do not like my voodoo.

I feel like an Amazon woman lately though. I friggen love my job, and I think I'm already getting good at it. Like -- really good. I'm finding areas I can improve and quickly fixing them. I'm discovering new efficiencies. The people are very warm and friendly. I felt welcome from the first, and am starting to make friends. I cannot possibly tell you how happy I am to be working in the news again.

Also, I'm totally in love. This thing with Shane is getting totally out of hand, and I'm getting super excited and hopeful. He's one of my best friends, and I just want to shower him with sharing. I want to bring him here and take him to all the places I love and just watch the expressions on his face. We've probably spent over 4 hours on the phone in the past few days, and that's 4 hours of constant delight, baby.

♥ I have the best friends in the world. ♥

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