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Quid pro no show.

I was right. He "just wants to be friends for awhile". He is probably going to end up isolating himself for awhile and doesn't want to put me through it. But he says he doesn't want anything to change, he thinks of me as his best friend and promised me he'd come to me as a friend with anything. He tells me things will change when he graduates - charter style. He also tells me that his life is in shambles right now. That hurts a lot because I'd do anything to make his life better in any minute way possible. What hurts the most, is that he's going to avoid me now. He's never done too well with awkwardness or confrontation. I'm cool with nothing changing, i never wanted change anyway. I just wanted growth, and I can stand halting on that. I just really hope that he doesn't alienate himself from me.

The uncertainty is taking me over...
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