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Well, I didn't hit 50k in 30 days, but I'm still really proud of myself.

I have over 34,000 words, written in a month that has seriously taxed my soul. I suffered two total emotional breakdowns, but I have also seen amazing highs and one of my favorite moments of all time1. My life is getting back on track2, and I still love my novel and am dedicated to finishing it. In fact, I'm confident that when it's done, it'll be publisher-worthy.

The people I've talked to about it are really excited. I have a handful of volunteer beta-ers that I absolutely adore and cannot thank enough for their continued support and coddling of my bruised ego. Believe me, I love. ♥

1 More on this here. *NOTE: Under Custom Friends Filter. For access, comment.
2 More on this here.

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