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3 notes and a rant

The Rant

Today is a normal day. The world is turning on its axis, the polar ice caps are still frozen, the sun has not been extinguished, yet I am going insane. I wish I could record all my thoughts but I can't write fast enough. I am so completely disheartened and depressed by all that I see. Everything is distrucion or degredation or at least causing or contributing to the demise of this planet and its inhabitants. The problem begins with and remains with the supposed "most intelligent" of its inhabitants. The intelligence and intellect that is supposed to be found within the arrogant species that is the human race. The King of the Food Chain, ruler of the earth, most harmful planetary epidemic since antediluvian times. The most vituperative of all "God's creatures". All bungling, all lost, all ambitious, self-centered & self-motivated, manipulative, and superficial. The logical ones. Pragmatics? Not so much as opportunists. Ruthless, cold-hearted, vile. Life is nothing more than a competition. An arduous battle to dominate, control, and satisfy one's owns desires. Passed down to our children. It's almost as if it's genetic but that wouldn't explain myself and select others very well.

Unaddressed Note 1- Precalculus 2nd hour - 8:52 AM - 1-21-03

Sup G?
School is such a crock. Today, my goal is to write a pathetically meaningless note in ever class and ignore all of my teachers. By the end of the day I should have 8+ notes & a bunch of rants for my favorite 8 people. You being one! Aren't you special? This room is a gas chamber, the random (and occasionally lethal - at least to sanity) numbers are infesting the air & trying to choke the creative genius and life out of me. Publik edoocashun ruined my mind. *sigh* I had so much promise at one point, but alas, the social conditioning and selective brainwashing has caused my mind to rot, now everything is for naught because my brain is nothing more than pink mush and cerebral goo. Another tragic case, casualty of society. Shed a tear if the urge befalls you.
I just want to SLEEP!! This class is taking an eternity to pass. [class & pass rhyme: end rhyme, assonance, end consonance] could I be a little more bored? Nope! Now, I'm avoiding my homework. Tsk tsk, not using class time effectively. Next hour, American Lit & then, music & nap time for me. I like sleep. Definitely time well spent & my dreams are more friendly than most people. But hey, what can you do? Start a revolution through art maybe... how's this? *insert stick drawing here* Good 'ol mid-class stick art. Removing frustration one line at a time. This note is completely void of substance. Sorry. Off on a new tangent - we can't have food or drink in class! WHY?? Because of the fascist dictators that don't seem to realize that people work better on full stomachs & rather than it being "a distraction", I find the discomfort far more distracting. As of right now, I'm thinking, "Damn, I want Goldfish". But no dice. My goldfish are at home anyway. Why can't we have a philosophical literature class? That might be able to capture my attention. Maybe then my day wouldn't be completely squandered, as the majority of my youth has been. *Wants to read "Civil Disobediance" by Thoreau* However, class is over & it's time to burden some other poor schmuck with my random babblings. .o0(poor bastard)

Peace out!

Unaddressed Note 2 - American Literature - 9:59 AM

"Did you say Hello?"'No, I said 'Allo' but that's close enough. I used to have that movie, but now I have class. One of the less painful ones though. The teacher is insane & I'm looking forward to a couple things. However, he only uses a typewriter becuse computers are "too complicated". Sound a little archaic? He also says everything exactly 5 times. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? The tests are easy though because he says everything 75 times total. But he makes a good point about "savages/red people who paint their faces funny colors and run around with nothing but loincloths". I'm gonna tape record his class because it's insanely entertaining. Honestly though, in the words of Mr. Lacke, "How can someone 'discover' a continent with people already on it. Sitting on the shore saying "Hey Chris!" I wish I could record all his nifty little quotes. He can make puritans seem interesting. Nice Job. (thumbs up, gold star) Who the hell named Massachusetts? Did someone sneeze and misinterpret? Sorry, random bit of frustration. Now he's reading off the test. Interesting.

Word of the Day: Antediluvian
You want the definition? Too bad. Get your lazy butt to a dictionary and look it up! Or not, antediluvian = prehistoric. Yeah, my goal is to write a note in every class. I've been suceeding pretty well too. However, 4th hr I'm going to break the rule. Because, I have no reguard for rules. What are they? Bah, I'm kind of having an anti-social day. Weird. Maybe it'll get better once I LEAVE school. All I want to do is go back to Sunday. Back to sleep. I hate being forced to attend this prison camp. But I'm too poor to pay truancy tickets. However, it's time for piano therapy.

Unaddressed Letter 3 - Gov't Econ - 11:27 AM

This class makes me want to scream. That being said, how are you? I need to get out of this building. This guy is preaching the antediluvian idea of white male superiority. I can already tell I'm gonna get kicked out of this class roughly 57 times. He just spelled "south" incorrectly. Is he qualified to teach? 5 letter words... tricky little devils. Now he used the word "brew-ha-ha". Onomatopoeia? Now having a problem with "they're". They shouldn't let idiots teach. But hey, why the hell not? Our government is filled with them anyway. School is a load of shit.
Pep Band tonight! Should be fun. I wanna play the midget trumpet! I'd also appreciate some more piano therapy right around now too but no dice and you probably don't care. Sorry this is so substanceless. I'm just trying ot maintain my goal of 1 note/hour. It's helping me stay sane wile I really dont have anything interesting to say. Well, given my circumstances what can really be expected?
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