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I'm no fashionista...


I know you're supposed to be all hip and trendy, but the cords "Camel" and "couture" do not belong together. Tan-colored mammals with hairy humps that live in deserts and spit on passerby are never going to become the latest "it" thing. Similarly, the baby-poop brown color that is known as camel cloth will never be the new black, nor should it.

I don't care how "couture" you make it -- which, let's be serious, it's totally not -- a gross color based on an unattractive animal that had to mutate to survive the arid climate it lives in is not the stuff of fashion muses. And on the off chance that some artist actually is inspired by such a subject and decides to make clothes, I'm willing to bet the majority of the female population would want nothing to do with the resulting garments.

I know you're supposed to continually push the envelope and shorten your party dresses, but dial it down a bit.


Imma Notgonnawearthat

P.S. Oh My God! My eyes!

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