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Save me...

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you are the most likely of the smashing pumpkins to lead a happy, normal life. your innate shyness
conceals a wicked sense of humour and a fondness for sweet love songs. <br>
<font size=-2><center><a href="">which pumpkin are you?</a></center></font></td></TABLE>

<font color=#222288><small><center>Boredom is setting in... ugh. I'm trying to be excited about tonight, i'm really worried and terrified it'll fall through. hmm... i also don't know what to tell shane. Tosha isn't in a hurry to break up with Dennis for him, but I dont wanna break his heart and tell him that. I also really wish he hasn't blown up at matt. Somedays I think guys have PMS worse than girls... I know my dad does... stupid fascist old guy...
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