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So, um, any of you ever broken your nose?

I kind of think I might have, but am not sure. My stupid cat got out and jumped the neighbor's fence. So, of course, I did too but had the misfortune of landing on a wet rock garden covered in overgrown weeds. In the words of Bear Grylls, it was "slippy."

I fell and hit myself in the face with my arm, didn't really notice because my bastard cat was outside and he's an inside-only cat. Thus, I went and got him and shook him like a British nanny for giving me a goddamn heart attack after a stress-filled 12-hour day at work. God, he's a dick.

Anyway, I get inside and I hold him for like 15 minutes until I stop shaking and start getting extremely irritated at him for purring after being so unabashedly naughty. Then, I notice my nose is running. Not bleeding, just running. When I blew my nose, it felt really weird on the left nostril. Not pain, more like a little bit of pressure and a tickle.

Is this a broken nose or am I just being paranoiac? The runny nose stopped after about 5 minutes, but that side of my nose still feels a bit odd. Any help would be much appreciated.

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