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Let's be productive, yea yea yea...

OK so I lied. I can't seem to motivate myself without clear goals. Especially since it looks like it's going to rain. List time it is.

Tee-oh Dee-oh of Doom
  • Put away clean laundry.
  • Take off dirty bed linens.
  • Take dirty laundry downstairs, sort
  • Do. Laundry.
  • Whilst laundry is en progress, straighten room.
  • Unpack last box in room.
  • Bring up 2.1 stereo, and situate in room.
  • Blast music, clean glass countertop/mirror in room.
  • Dust bookshelf.
  • Clean Bathroom.
  • Sweep room.
  • Sweep bathroom.
  • Sweep living/dining room.
  • Wipe off kitchen counters.
  • Sweep kitchen.
  • Water plants.
  • Put DVDs away.
  • Unpack/reorganize crate of office supplies/eqip
  • Fold all laundry and put it away immediately.
  • Make bed.
  • Shower.
  • Go hang out with Fruity, hopefully gloat about Twins' victory.

That's a full docket. Let's do this.

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Tags: adventures in cleaning, nesting, tee-oh dee-oh
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