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Sick Cycle Carosel

well i am back and about damn time too. I've been grounded. fun fun. thank you parents for making me insanely bored. No computer, No phone, No going anywhere, no CDs. So i had my radio. which proved very useful seeing as my dad, who is no longer a patron of music or the arts in any way shape or form, was complaining, after sum 41 played "fat lip" that i should turn down this crap because it was just screaming and banging on instruments. Seing as this is obviously a farse, i changed stations to my "anger station" which is basically, screaming guy beating and breaking guitar strings. Playing, SmElLs LiKe TeEn SpIrIt. o0o he flipped. it was funnay. i was almost re-grounded but my mom stopped him. wo0t. she's been getting sick of my blasting the radio when Clint Eastwood comes on. In case you dont know, that is the new song by the Gorillaz. very good song. anyway. i am so very glad i have my computer back.! now i can communicate with HUMANS! instead of these disgruntled miscreants that live in this house. the thing that has kept me alive is this. Nsync, with it doesnt matter the clothes he wears or where he goes and why, its all about respect. they should just quit beating around the bush and say, IT DOESNT MATTER THAT WE ARE GAY! RESPECT THE BI AND HOMOSEXUALS! which is exactly why its "dirty pop". and the fact that AJ from the backsmack boys is in rehab for alcoholism and depression. that is great. lmao. he just couldnt get anyone. even brian turned him down. must be hard.
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