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Don't let me forget.

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I'm still on a high from it. Take me down, down to where the rain falls, down were the rain can wash away this high. Cuz I feel I've gone beyond the edge and falling, falling like tears that turn to snow, falling in this vertigo. Tosha spent the night last night, and it was royally cool. Didn't think that was going to happen until next summer. That isn't what's keeping me happy. Before she came over, I was devoting most of my time to cheering shane up and being noticed by Matt. I got him a Harry Potter Lego set. He loved it. Well, I got Shane to smile, that made me happy. Plus, Matt and I were back at home with each other. He was using me as his pillow, let me snuggle up to him at Bills, promised me he'd do everything to make Shane stay happy once I left. Then we ended up leaving Bills because after awhile, it's just depressing. At shanes we had a few very cheerful conversations, chilled in his room. Matt and I sat next to each other- of course -and he hadn't slept in a couple days so he ended up just lying down and almost falling asleep, but instead he wrapped me up in his arms, and i just cuddled with him on the floor wrapped up in him and listening to him mumble about how i smell really good but it confused him cuz of the candy necklace he thought it was just some weird perfume... and then next thing I know he's snoring softly in my ear so we just fell asleep together for about an hour and a half and I dont think I've ever slept so well. I haven't been able to sleep comfortably since then either.

Take the do I hurt people? test by Lexi

And he wont sleep better alone, and she wont sleep better alone, and they wont sleep better... alone.
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