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I can make decisions!

Hey kids! So, for the longest time I've been thinking about cutting my hair. It's been tricky because I have super thick, semi-course curly hair that doesn't necessarily want to do what I think it should. Also, given my schedule and proclivities, I require something that is mostly low-maintenance and would look good if I straightened it. Thus, for most of my life I've kept it long and just let it be natural, but that's so boooooring.

Luckily, I think I finally found the style I might want to go for.

I submit to you Exhibit A, otherwise entitled: Super-Cute, Face-Framing Bob Thing?

And Exhibit B, which is what Exhibit A would likely look like if allowed to curl.

That being said, I'm pretty sure it would look great with my face-structure, but I'm not totally sure. Thus, I request assistance. If y'all don't remember what I look like, this should fix that.

So! *drumroll*

Poll #1451915 Clip clip, cha cha!

Should I cut my hair like this?


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