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Autumn can amuse my bouche.

It is the perfect day outside. It is cool, brilliantly sunny, and the air smells like fall. I want nothing more than a pumpkin spice latte and a blanket, upon which I could sit in the park!

Unfortunately, I have to work at 2 and my allergies are killing me. I cannot wait for these ragweed plants to die. What good do they serve anyway? I think I'm going to find out. If nothing depends on them, I think I'm going to invest in a flame thrower and burn those little pollen-blasters into a crisp. What arson, officer? This is a public service!

Seriously though, you guys. I feel a little bit like Mr. Weasley because I just Googled "what exactly is the function of a rubber duck ragweed?"

ETA: OMG, this plant is pure evil.

Total eradication of ragweed is considered impossible, owing to the plant's frugality and tremendous seed-producing capability... There is evidence that mechanical and chemical control methods are actually no more effective in the long run than leaving the weed alone.


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