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If it weren't for my horse...

I just had the weirdest conversation with a police officer ever.

I was driving along the Lake of the Isles parkway with Faith when I noticed something rather odd. Just before the intersection of West 26th Street, there was a car parked with the driver's side door wide open.

No lights were on and there was no movement near the car. We drove by slowly and saw a person in the seat showing absolutely no sign of consciousness, and decided we should probably call the police.

We did, reported what we thought a man in the car and that person may be having a medical emergency. We didn't want to assume. After all, it could have been a simple case of drunkenness or a botched carjacking. We completed the lake circuit, discussing the scene we had just witnessed. Curiosity led us to drive by again.

By the time we hit 28th however, we could see that there was an ambulance en route. We followed, parked behind, and watched as police helped a woman out of the driver's side door while a gaggle of officers talked to another woman who was seated in the grass.

Both women seemed to be in some form of medical distress, and -- by the looks of it -- it was of the alcohol-induced variety. One was helped to the ambulance, the other to a squad car. I distinctly heard the word "alcohol" from an officer talking to the woman in the squad. Faith said she had noticed but we had had failed to report some odd "spill stains" next to the car when we called dispatch, so the puzzle pieces started to add up.

Eventually, the ambulance left and an officer directed us to move around the squad. There were three very smiley officers. So, I pulled up and stopped.

I told them we called it in and just wanted to check that everyone was healthy and OK, and the officer said, and I quote and shit you not:

Yeah. Rod Stewart is to blame for all this.

I replied, "Well, I know I blame him for everything."

They laughed. We drove away.


Seriously! "Rod Stewart is to blame for all this." I have been trying to figure out in what way Rod Stewart could have possibly been involved. I'm still not sure, but if it's true, he may have a lawsuit coming his way.

I am both wildly amused and utterly confused by this, and I can't get it out of my head. If I am found dead in my bathtub tomorrow, you know why.

ETA: Ok, so apparently Rod Stewart gave a concert tonight, so it makes sense now. Still. Weirdest thing a police officer has ever said to me, especially without context.

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