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A Call For Recipes...

Alright. This has gone on long enough. My weight has been slowly climbing and I am done with it. I'm sick of feeling awkward in clothes that used to look smokin'.

I'm officially dieting. I've got the super-crappy aerobics DVDs and I've got a work-out schedule. I have high fruit, veg, and protein meals for my diet, and I have started eating breakfasts regularly.

Yet, I have a problem. I am so bored by all of this food.

It's bizarre. I like healthy foods. I love vegetables. I enjoy fruit. I am way cool with yogurt and cottage cheese. None of this is food I don't like. I'm always happy about eating it after I have, but whenever I open the fridge I'm like "meh." I have no imagination right now in terms of meals, so I need some help.

I am looking for exciting, herby, lo-cal recipes. I need to get over this mental block and get excited about eating healthily. I need to learn to crave this food always, not just after super-intense workouts.

Whatever you've got. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Spicy or mild. Hot or cold. Long prep or quick prep. It's like Queen. I want it all. And I want it now.

Om nom nom.

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