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Dear Rich White People,

I have had about enough of you and your bullshit.

In my short time as a journalist, I have noticed a few things. One rather large lesson I have learned is that rich white people have a truly amazing capacity to suck on far too many levels. Rich White Christians tends to be the worst offenders of all, despite their socially-conscious rhetoric.

Before anyone even tries to jump on the tired "Why should I be punished for being successful?" argument, let's just talk about this.

No, it's not a bad thing that you're successful and kudos for you if you actually earned it yourself and didn't just inherit an American dynasty. That's the American Dream, baby. But answer me this: did you have to fuck over any hard-working schmucks to get where you're at? Did you have to destroy an ecosystem or four? When was the last time you donated to a charity? Do you even know what a "ghetto" looks like? What kind of "work" do you actually do and who does it actually benefit? I don't want to punish you because you're successful. I want to punish you because, more than likely, you're a total douche.

My problem with you begins with the fact that despite all your "real" wealth, you apparently have absolutely no concept of reality and have zero compassion. If someone is experiencing economic hardship, you tell them to hike up their bootstraps and get a job -- work for it, like everyone else. Except it doesn't fucking work like that. In order to get any kind of livable wage, you first have to go 40k or so into debt to even have the chance at getting hired in a job market that is dead. So, go ahead. Sit on your cushion and bitch about your retirement funds shrinking to the point where you may not be able to get that Porsche and will have to stick with your BMW. Be that asshole. Or, you could look that honest, hard-working American who lost their job, lost their pension, and lost everything 2 years before they were supposed to retire and now are up shit creek without a paddle in the face before you shrug everything off and go back to whining about how much you pay in taxes when some people don't even make that much in a year.

Perhaps part of the problem is that none of y'all listen to anyone who is not also a rich, white, privileged bastard who sits like a dragon atop their mountain of gold and tries to burn anyone who attempts to get a piece of the pie into a toasty, toasty crisp. You take your cues from billionaires who actually send out instruction manuals that tell you to go to town halls and shout over poor people trying to get information on a health care plan that would actually give the rest of us an option that doesn't include being tied into underpaying jobs most people hate just for the sake of retaining a ridiculous co-pay instead of having to pay for everything out of pocket.

Another thing I take issue with is that instead of putting your money to good use and donating to a women's shelter or a local library, you use your hard-earned dollars to pollute the airwaves with flagrant lies about policies that could make things better for the little guy at a minute cost to you. You use your money for yourself and for self-preservation and then dare to suggest that a "free market" would provide for those "socialized" institutions you say the government would destroy. Well, if you are the model investor -- and baby, you've got the chips -- you are a shitty example. You wonder why the majority of people have no confidence in that strategy? It's because you talk the talk without walking the walk. You have the capability to bring about that particular brand of change, but you don't. You never have, and I have little reason to believe you ever will.

Oh, and just so you know, I will kill the next one of you self-righteous fuckers who tells me I should be "investing in my health" when I can't afford my gym membership because I have too much debt from trying to wriggle a life out of your "if it ain't broke don't fix it" cookie-cutter world. Stop acting like that isn't a privilege too, and don't even try to lecture me about the daylight that I "waste" sleeping because I'm at work until 2 a.m., trying to inform the public you care so little for while you run around and create a nonsensical din just to save yourself a dime.

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