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We're in a war zone, Phyllis!

Jesus Christ, you guys. The sky is falling.

It has been storming like the four horsemen of the apocalypse are on their way for hours now. I am so not even exaggerating. I just watched a transformer explode into a giant fireball on the other side of the river and wipe out all the power.

If this is the end and that final trumpet sounds, it was nice knowing you. I'll send you a postcard from Hell.

ETA: You know what's super awesome? Being stuck in the middle of the Epic Storm Of Midwestern Rage and reading story after story about brutal murders and Charles Manson. Guess who isn't sleeping if she survives!
ETA2: Aaaaand we're flooding! Anybody got an ark lying around?
ETA3: HOLY CRAP THIS SUCKS SO HARD. The lightning is attacking the ground and the floor is shaking.
ETA4: Apparently this storm has absolutely no intention of leaving the metro and I am going to have to attempt to drive in it. Wish me luck. I will need it. White knuckles, ahoy!

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