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Minidonuts are a constant temptation.

So it's the Uptown Art Fair half a block away from my home... and I should be frantically whipping up canvases and making cards about my Etsy page to hand out... but I am staying far away today.

Why? Well, there are a few reasons.
  1. My allergies are insane and I sound like I have emphysema.
  2. The intermittent sneezing fits really don't help either.
  3. There was a friggen monsoon this morning and the sky looks like it ain't finished with us yet.
  4. There are mini donuts and I will not be able to resist.

I still might not be able to resist. I was planning on just eating my greek yogurt, apple, and cheddar cheese for "lunch" at work tonight. Still, I haven't eaten more than a plum and some rice with beans today... so I feel like I should go to the grocery store. However, to get to the grocery store I would have to go past the donuts.

I feel trapped by pastries. I can't wait until they are gone. Don't even get me started on the kettle corn.

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Tags: art!, body sabotage, foodstuffs, how's the weather?
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