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Say "No" to Pop Culture

I've been hearing so much about that stupid Avril Lavigne girl, how she's so punk and she's so hot. I even found a quiz on her, it's making me sick.

Which Avril Lavigne Song Are You?

Apparently I'm complicated, however I could have told you that. Bah, she really doesn't have that much talent. Why do all the plastic people with "pretty faces" get all the recognition? That's why the music of today has gone to pot. You want to know what I think? I think it's a conspiracy. I made this last night to prove it. Chew on this...

if it isn't working... click here. stupid shoe...

You see that?! They're recycling people!!! It didn't work out for him the first time, so they gave him a make-over, told him it was O-K to sing high, and sent him on his merry way! It's just like the eskimo conspiracy, they're all midgets and that's why no one ever sees them! That's also why you rarely ever see a midget at a public setting, they're all eskimos they hide up where it's cold and nobody likes the cold so no one sees them. Clever, I must admit.

Got to come original - All entertainers come original. . . I'm just a conduit, you make my heart accelerate and I'm on to it</marquee>

However, you want to see a real artist? I real musician? Fucking brilliant, i swear his body is perfect too. Not just in a sexually lusting type way, but it's just beautiful. It has soul. It's serene, I'd like to get that lost in something. That'd be the best high.

Life could slip away in absent minded numbness. I'm only sayin this 'cuz I wish for the best. When you always stay in self-incarceration, I think it's such a shame.

However, thats test site redeemed itself for I am Harry Potter! Booya!

You wanna curse me?

I'll be here awhile, ain't goin' nowhere. Far is solace in the maddening pace, sad state written on my face. Not a tight rope walk but dance, uncertain game of chance...but I'll see it through in time
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