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What a wonderful way to go...

I have returned from the land of cheese and beer!

My room is clean and I have been having a marvelous time with my free days. Had a fabulous grill-out with KT last night. Venison brats, grilled red and yellow bell peppers, grilled onions, and grilled asparagus were consumed. As well as organic wheat beers! Huzzah!

I Highly Recommend: Mothership Wit & Bell's Oberon brews

It was my second night in a row of culinary brilliance! I made tortellini with fresh garlic, prosciutto, asparagus and mushrooms in a homemade moscarpone cheese sauce with garlic crostinis on Wednesday night.

The weather has been amazing. Normally I'd be running around trying to convince people to play frisbee or soccer with me, but my legs have just been dead. On Wednesday, I biked 28.8 miles and my legs have been leading a revolt ever since. I'm hoping by tomorrow I'll be able to do some cardio again.

And I'm working on making my Car Musicks Compendium v. Electricky mix... so far it's coming together really nicely. Same requirement: Must sound bitchin' when passing someone or taking a curve on the interstate. So I'm off to get ready to work, but I'll be back with another one of those block rockin' beats. You know how I do.

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