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Lighten up. It's just fashion.

*sigh* I want to go shopping.

I wish every man owned one of these. That would be dynamite.

I am really trying to talk myself out of buying this, but it's so cute and I don't have a little spring jacket! I really wish this wasn't out of stock. I would buy that in a heartbeat without hesitation. Too friggen cute.

I do, however, need a basic trench. My wardrobe is currently devoid of one. Tim Gunn would be displeased with me. I would like to submit Exhibit A and Exhibit B for consideration.

Also, I want this, but I'm not sure where I'd wear it. Still. Do want. I would, however, wear the hell out of this dress. You bet I would. And this one. Oh, this one too -- although only on a big damn boat. This is all ridiculous though, considering I rarely wear dresses and have more pressing needs.

In other news, this is high in the running for fugliest footwear ever. Closely followed by these bad boys. I would adore these if they didn't look so cheap and painful. I really enjoy the concept though. Is it just me, or have shoes been really disappointing so far this year?

Seriously, you guys. One thing is clear. If I had money, I would have the sweetest wardrobe ever.

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