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The Beat

The Beat

Amid floor-to-ceiling wall tapestries and discarded board games
I nestle into over-caffeinated childhood.
Uncle Wiggly looks over my shoulder
A shabby, unglued Cyclops paperback glares at my shoe.
These abandoned pastimes never earn the spotlight
Between the fistfight brawl carried out between jazz and alt rock
But all pales to the conversations over French presses.
"Incompatible notions" and the clanking of espresso tools.
Jittery java and mason jars
Wooden chairs and rickety tables
Hoards flock to drink in life liquefied
And carry their motion through the night.
Coffee bean nationalities criss-cross the globe
Far-flung flavors meet the same fate.
Roasted dry
Ground up
Whoever said you shouldn't play with your food clearly never drank coffee.

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