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A conversation:

So, I'm putting the finishing touches on my Car Musicks Compendium: RAWK version, and I ask my roommate a question. This is what follows.

virtuistic: Hey, did you get a chance to download Jumpin' Jack Flash the other day?
worthyopponent: No. But I didn't try.
virtuistic: Man, you're a bitch.
worthyopponent: Well, you could just buy it.
virtuistic: What?
worthyopponent: You know... pay for it.
virtuistic: No way. Why on earth would I do something so boringly legal?
worthyopponent: Just sayin'.
virtuistic: That's retarded, Faith. Homey don't play that.

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Tags: a day in the life, lawl, mistress of mixology, music, oh whatever, teh flatmate
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