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Oh, ♥.

kpachayagolobka: also, i think i'm going to try to make something off this site
kpachayagolobka: i'd *really* like to try to make this one
virtuistic: my friend sandy made her hairpiece for her wedding
virtuistic: she said with some wire it was really easy
virtuistic: but I did have to pick her hair out of tangles a few times that day
virtuistic: but that's why you have bridesmaids
kpachayagolobka: my hair is also going to be tightly hairsprayed in to place that day before it goes in lol
virtuistic: but I forbid you to put anything on your head that involves flowers made of feathers
virtuistic: wooo aquanet
virtuistic: lol
kpachayagolobka: YEAH!
kpachayagolobka: i have the big purple can of aquanet
kpachayagolobka: the extra super hold
virtuistic: you truly are a goddess.
kpachayagolobka: *bows*
kpachayagolobka: what about flowers with small feathers behind them?
kpachayagolobka: like 20's vintage style
virtuistic: I'd need to see it in action
kpachayagolobka: like what i showed you above
virtuistic: I'm not a super huge fan of the feathers flying on the top layer
virtuistic: BUT
virtuistic: if you got rid of those
kpachayagolobka: i'd probably put them on the bottom
virtuistic: and made it to a smaller scale
virtuistic: I'd probably like it
kpachayagolobka: because i like the little wispy feathers
virtuistic: I think they look like you accidentally took a nap on a feather boa
kpachayagolobka: HA
virtuistic: and some strands got stuck in your jewelry.
kpachayagolobka: you make me laugh

In case you're wondering, she actually does have excellent taste and this is the desired effect. I approve.

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