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Away with thee, mullet! Away!


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So much promise, so much insecurity, so much giddy giggliness. I took Matt to go see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra last night as his birthday present. I wish I would have picked something else because it was beyond strange. However it was fun because we mocked the whole thing. The narrator was exceptionally creepy, every time he came back the both of us were like, "no it's the evil narrator!" normally after said exclaimation, matt would hide himself in part of me. The music was not at all what I expected. Instead of classical music with a rock-ish twist(mind you not a constant rock-ish twist, I was waiting primarily for the string solo that never happened... rawr) we got some wierd Christmas story about a girl wishing on bar lights and an angel that likes the stars. It was kind of unnerving when they brought on the Rod Stewart impressions. I was frightened. Still am for that matter, I apologized to him but he said he had a great time. We held hands, both of 'em, and cuddled as best you can with an arm rest in between you. He bit me a couple of times, then told me he was gonna bite my neck again and ended up kissing it and oh shivers. We actually kissed last night too. Not stupid little shy peck business, noooo. I wonder if we're the whole implied dating thing now, either way I see him again tonight and I'm going to ask. Just need to figure out what I'm going to say. Last night was so much fun, I wanna see him NOW! he says we should get an apartment together, I agree. I want to take him with me on our Thanksgiving venture, but unfortunately he has to go sit in his house full of 81 people because as he said, his grandparents had 9 kids, and each of their 9 kids had 9 kids and it's just insane. I think I'd find it amusing. I love how he talks to me and tells me what he thinks. I actually kind of opened up to him yesterday, he said that if I ever need to talk I can go to him and for some reason I feel comforted. Afraid because I haven't really told anyone certain things, ever. But comforted.


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you know, some those questions were exceptionally vague and couldn't really be answered. Also, their definitions of said illnesses don't fit me at all. I'm my own branch of insanity.

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