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Streetlight Nectar

Streetlight Nectar

From behind the dull blue of the dashboard
I see the peach street lights
Towering like sentinels over the city.
I want to drink their nectar
And take off
Into the night.

I could combat the celestial bodies,
Duel with the stars
And defy the radiance of the moon.
Or just be contented to hover
Lighting the paths of late-night passerby.
Rise slowly into the stratosphere
Soak in the sleepy scene blow
And become a speck for a hopeful night wisher.

But what of the morning?
Bringing the triumphant sun to quash my tangerine journey,
Its heat chasing away my cool cocoon.
I think it would set me down gently on the pavement.
Not a competitive conqueror
But a guiding gloaming
Bringing the next chapter out of time.

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