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This is very very weird. My mom, actually stood up for me today. From like, the second I woke up my brother was on my case saying it was my fault he didnt do his chores and stupid things like that. Calmly, i supported myself and he kept trying and trying to beat me, went off on random tangents, kinda like my dad. But it didnt work, and he wouldnt stop.! I mean, i'm a pretty good arguer....and this, didnt even take thought. Anyway, my mom was getting so mad, she made him leave for the day. he isnt allowed back in the house until 7:30. isnt that cool.?!? its really an odd feeling. But otherwise i'm happy, last night i saw Legally blonde with Lita, and we watched "whatever it takes" when we got home for lack of anything better to do. i'm just mad that my DVD player wont work. we rented What Women Want in DVD form, cuz the other copies were out...and my brothers video games took up so much video memory, on the program, it wouldnt play it. i was tempted to delete them but he'd like...kill me. so0. but he's gone so i'm free of him for like 7.5 hours.! wo0t!
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