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I could just gobble you right on up...

So, in my continuing love for food... I have developed a truly splendid 5-course meal plan that I cannot wait to test-kitchen and chronicle herein. Here is the outline:

Course One: Toasted-almond crusted goat cheese with a rosemary-infused honey glaze atop a warm crostini with micro greens.

Course Two: Mixed greens salad with pear, feta cheese, and crushed pistachios with a fresh lime vinaigrette.

Course Three: Jalepeno-lime Turbot ceviche with sriracha garnish.

Course Four: Roasted chicken with a shallot & Riesling sauce with cinnamon and ginger butternut squash and fresh steamed asparagus.

Course Five: Warm peach cobbler with a curried white chocolate ice cream.

That's right. Eat your heart out. Now, I need wine pairings.

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