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Put a little love in your heart.

You know, I know it's silly but I just have to say this.

I am really glad Barack Obama gave George Bush a genuine hug.

Even despite the past 8 years, and despite the overwhelming amounts of well-deserved criticism, I thought it was a very moving gesture. Maybe I'm unhinged somewhere, but I want to hug Bush too. I think -- deep down -- he really wanted to do right by America, but just didn't quite have the capacity or the advisers he needed. I still think that he's a good guy on the whole, and I pity him. I hope he writes his memoir. I would read the hell out of that.

Still, I thought the hug epitomized respect of service and the notion of the peaceful transition. It wasn't a wimpy pat-on-the-shoulder either. They embraced, even though they are politically opposite one another. It is one of the images of the inauguration that really sticks out in my mind, and it really tugs on my heartstrings.

More as the dust settles.

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