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It's been pretty slow at work, which is surprising. Holidays are normally just a terror.

I didn't take a lunch break, so I don't feel too bad about slacking off this last half hour, especially since it's Christmas. I let a couple movies run in the background while I worked today. One really helped.

Y'all need to see The Calcium Kid. It is hilarious. First and foremost, it's so absurd to think that Orlando Bloom could ever be a "middle-weight boxing champion," so it's funny from the off. Then you consider it's a mockumentary, and it's British, and you've got a recipe for awesome. If you liked Snatch, you will love this movie.

Otherwise I've been trying to figure out what to do with my Christmas cash. Some of it was going to go toward a Wii Fit, but I might just blow it all on camping gear and vinyl.

I need new hiking boots. I'm looking at the Asolo FNS 85s as the likeliest candidate at the moment. They're solid, 3-season boots. Little on the heavier side, but the reviews say they're very comfortable and supportive.

Do any of you have suggestions? I'm horribly indecisive and easily swayed!

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