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Parents + Wii = Hilarity

The drive down was brutal. Terrible detours... the trip was a nightmare. However, there ws a good stretch where I was in a Volkswagen caravan and it tickled me pink. There was a green bug in front of me, another white Jetta behind me, and a black Passat behind him. We're taking over.

Speaking of the Jetta, I need to get her washed today because Wisco apparently doesn't close car washes when it's below freezing, then wax-on wax-off and she shall be shiny. Although, apparently tomorrow I'll be driving into another blizzard so we'll see how long that lasts.

Last night I hooked up the Wii and introduced my parents to it. It was a laugh riot. They got all competitive at bowling and tennis, and were flailing around at each other. If I could, I'd buy 'em one for Christmas. Maybe next year after they get their new TV.

After they went to bed I found a lot of my old therapy journals. I read through all of them. It's weird but it seems like times were even darker than I remember them being -- and I remember a lot. I don't know. I thought about burning them, but decided against. It was just kind of surreal to be reading stuff I wrote back in 1997, and then to realize all the crap I was already writing about.

We've come a long way, baby.

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