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I'M AT PEACE WITH THE UNIVERSE, YOU [expletive deleted]!

Oh don't you worry, baby. I got so much angst I could power China until 2009 comes to town.

Today has been awful. Categorically, terribly, undeniably, incontrovertibly awful. I woke up this morning after really restless sleep, and decided to watch a movie -- which I ended up hating. Took a shower, and got ready to run an errand for my father.

Now, I love my dad but he is such. a. flake. He called me a month ago and asked if I'd be willing to pick up an item from Cabelas for him and bring it down so he wouldn't have to pay shipping and handling. Sure. Fine. Great. EXCEPT HE STILL HASN'T ORDERED IT. He told me that I would be able to just go and pick it up, it would be waiting for me at the customer service desk. So imagine my annoyance when I call him to see if he ordered it and found out that he hadn't yet, couldn't now, and would have to do it tonight.

Mind you, I work until 1:30 a.m. now which means I have to get it before work tomorrow, since I'm leaving early Wednesday morning. This means that the errand will cut into my Kak and kitten time. I am not pleased.

But it doesn't end there! Don't think that I am so fickle as to have a day ruined by a simple inconvenience. Oh, no. It gets much, much worse.

Whilst on the phone with my father, he informs me that a few days ago they got a notice saying my car insurance has been canceled. Canceled. Days ago. This means I have been driving my shiny, new-and-not-yet-paid-for Jetta around in a blizzard for days without insurance.

One would think that sort of notice would merit a phone call. I would have thought that my parents would have made a special effort to let me know. Ha! Ha ha ha ha! WRONG.

So I immediately call the car insurance company. I ask them what the deal is, and they say I just need to pay them. This is confusing, because I bought 6 month's worth of coverage in June. Last time I checked, 6+6=12, and it's still the month of the 12. Whatever. I ask how much it is, and it isn't an obscene amount so I write down the amount and ask why I never received any notification.

Turns out, they had my parents' address on file for me -- which is odd because I distinctly remember telling the woman who helped me set up my policy that I live in Minneapolis and I gave her my information about a zillion times. So the woman asks for my current address, I tell her, and I get a, "Oh, we don't cover out of state. You'll need to find a new provider. Try calling your state's farm bureau. Sorry, bye!"

Excuuuuse me? This company, which has been providing me auto insurance out of state for the past 5 months is suddenly no longer doing so, and is not providing me an explanation? I call back, she checks. "No, we never have." Oh, what a tangled web of lies.

So I call my father, outraged, and explain the conversation. He calls the insurance company, outraged, and demands an explanation. Shortly thereafter, I get a call from the insurance honcho saying, "oh, I meant to give you a recommendation for your area!"

So I call this number he gives me, and no one even pretends to answer the phone. It just rings. And rings. And rings. And rings. In perpetuity. Until, after minutes, I finally get some horseshit message about how they're clearly experiencing a high volume of calls and I will need to try again at a later time.

By this time, I'm already on my laptop looking at auto quotes from other companies because I am pissed with a capital P and ready to PUNCH SOMEONE OUT -- when I check my balance to see what I can afford. I am broke as a joke, turns out, because my paycheck didn't get deposited today like it was supposed to. Goodie!

While I'm trying not to get nauseous over the abysmal sight of my bank account, I get a voicemail notification. Oh the plot, it does thicken.

It's my boss! Asking me if I'm feeling better and whether or not I was going to come in, because it's 3:25 and I was supposed to be in at 3. Joy! I knew the schedule was changing, but I honestly thought I didn't have to be at work until 5. Right about then I was thanking my lucky stars that I wasn't all the way up in Rogers getting some hunting gizmo for my non-communicative father, because that would make me even later for work and today sucks and I WANT TO BREAK THE WORLD.

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