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I've discovered inward singing!

It IS nonstop! *bleep* you! Always naysaying! Everything I create! You piece of *bleep*! You create something like inward singing!

Gotta love Tenacious D. That song cracks me up. Wow, I'm in such a good mood. The play went so well and it was so much fun! The audience's energy was great even though the audience was like, practically nonexistant. maybe 10 rows were filled but still, they rocked. A little girl asked for my autograph. It was adorable. I was glad that my friends came. Especially that Matt character... I need to gush.

Cage! Come here! I want you!

Well, I got home after school and my parents instantly went at it. They were screaming and then they went off on us and it was pretty bad. Then Tosha told me they couldnt find a ride to the play but they would. Then Matt called and told me he had to work and they wouldnt let him off and that he felt really bad. Me, being just overwhelmed, started crying silently and stuff and I hate it how they can always tell. Anyway, he said he'd do what he could but when I called back to see if anything had changed, he had already left for work. So I went, tried to make supper and didn't even get to eat any of it before the show and was all sadlike... but the show must go on right? Then, I'm cheering up because Zach said he'd come see my show and so did Lennon so I was thinkin', hey! Not all is lost! And then, Kate comes and gets me and tells me that my deerfield friends are here. and I was like, whaaa? and who brought them? MATT!! He quit his job for me! To come see my show, he friggen quit! HOW COOL IS THAT! I mean, i feel bad but i am flattered and he said he was thinking about quitting, and this was a really good reason to do so. We flirted like mad, so many good memories now. Yeah, and I think he permanently saved me from stalker boy. He called him over to say hi and stuff and matt held my hand the whole time and kinda put his arms around me and I was so incredibly thankful. Then he was like, come with us for a little while. You have a half an hour, well drive around and ... talk. and we did but then we came back to cambridge and he and I danced around the parking lot and I licked his stomach. ;] today he called me twice and we talked for 2 hours. He's coming to watch my show again. I really want to ask him out, but I'm afraid. Today is his birthday, methinks his present will be physical. ;]

Rock stars are only rocking you half the time! The other time, they're breathing... IN! ... not anymore baby!

Yeah, I have another show tonight. My family is going. They didn't get me flowers but I dont care. Matt is coming, and so is Zach and it's fun. I would love to do this for the rest of my life. Plus, both grandmas are here and the holier than holy one is having a great time with the cool grandma. First thing Fae did when she got in the house, "Holy shit! You changed the house!". I thought Bonietta was going to shat herself. I've been waiting a lifetime for this.

This is the most powerful tool in singing technology since yodeling! ...And I'm never fucking stoping and I'm always fucking singing and I'm always fucking singing.

Happy Birthday Matthew.
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