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In siknez and in healf.

Leroy is the best husband ever.

I'm sick today -- and there's a blizzard coming -- so I'm home, and this cat has not left my side. Last night, when I was rolling around in barfy agony he was right there, giving me kisses and petting me. The cat was petting my hair.

Every time I have woken up he's been right there, keeping me warm and watching over me. He meows once I wake as if to say, "Are you feeling any better, honey?" Then he showers me with kisses, licking my face, my neck, my arms. I tried to get him to stop and he just started licking my hand. He is on a mission to comfort his human.

It's working.

Lookit the love!

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Tags: a day in the life, body sabotage, i has a kitteh, lookit me!, lurv
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