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Verus amor exspectum.

I love latin. It's a perfect language in my opinion and it intruiges me. I love being able to write and express things and having no one understand what they mean. Of course, I'll let it all out on here. I'll just never tell the one that I really honestly want to know all the things on my mind. The title of this entry means "true love waits."

I would become schizophrenic just to love you twice as much.

So much shit has gone down in the past couple of days. I'm grounded again for something I kind of did, kind of didn't. I'll get through with the bad first, then go onto the semi-good. Well, two girls from my town got mad at me because of me being friends with the deerfield boys that they want to be leet with but can't be, so they shaving creamed my car. However, Phil and I walked out to see them doing it. At any rate, Nicole is probably going to die. Well, after getting it all off, we (all 8 of us, me, phil, shane, tosha, kyle, bill, crystal, and dylan) piled into my car with some eggs and went on the search for some revenge. We saw them a bunch of times, chased them a bit. Then we got ahold of mike, parked the beast for a bit and allowed for only me and tosha and mike and dylan and crystal to go on the prowl. We told the others we'd be back, they needed to get some supplies I guess. Anyhow, mike dumped his slushie on their car before he picked us up, however they still pulled up next to him for a friendly chat when we met at the intersection. Then Crystal, Dylan and I pop out of the tinted back of the car, ask them if they had fun and they bolt. So we get back in and chase them, they head out of town. So, I go back to my car, Tosha and I get ready to go home, we see them again. Why the hell don't they just get away from us? Don't they know that if they run into any of my friends they're going to die? Anyway, we follow them, out of town, back to town, and they try to pull a u-ey at the high school. didn't work to well because I pulled in behind them, Mike pulled up in front of them, dylan launched like 5 eggs at their car, I got out to talk to them and they drive over the curb and back into the center of Deerfield. We all say screw it and go to tosha's house, we got our revenge. But then mike goes to take dylan and crystal home, see's them again, chases them a little bit more and tosha and I see, run screaming down the hill at them and this time they finally leave and don't come back. But, hey, nicole went crying to her mommy and her mommy called my mommy and i'm grounded for a week. But at least it isn't two weeks like originally, plus, i can have the computer for an hour each day instead of not at all. I am doing all mother's biddings, she's altering my punishments. Nice. Well, at least for the week i'm grounded i have play practice until 10 each night. I just don't want to know what the little witch will have cooked up at school tomorrow.

Mille res rei volo narro, at molio. - . A thousand things I want to say, but I struggle.

However, the day was fun. The night sucked, although the chase was fun, but the day was fun. We had a half day and that was cool because we didn't get shit done and my math teacher is in the hospital so I dont have class. Whee! Terrible thing to celebrate I know, but it's nothing serious. So I went to Deerfield for the rest of the day. Dork that I am, get out of my school, go to someone else's. But it was fun because I swear they never do anything in that school. And like, 7000 people came up and gave me big hugs and were all, WOW! HEY! I haven't seen you in foreverr! I read the book "Speak" in one day and it was pretty good. I love reading, it perkifies me. After school, I met this new John character and he's really cool, so I gave him a ride home and whatnot and back to the school cuz he requested and I decided to be all nice-like. Plus, he's kind of attracted and gave me a bracelet. Wheee! Then we went to Shane's house and everyone was there. Matt, Phil, Dylan, Crystal, the gang. It rocked. Especially since Matt gave me like 4 huge hugs, and wrapped my arms around his waist and held me close to him in a backward fashion. Then he turned back to me, gave me another big hug and when we pulled out of it it was really awkward because we were at like, the perfect preperatory kiss stage, and like, he puckered-ish and moved closer so I did the same and he like, lunged and gave me a short little peck and then grinned like a madman. Ugh, however, he also promised we'd do something this weekend and we were going to, but, grounded. Also said he'd call me, never did. Yesterday I guess he was with some girl too. I dont know what to think. *sigh*

Siquidem modo demum apparet, apardesco nihilum. - . If only now it becomes clear, it becomes nothing.

Te adamo, oporttere accipio casum?
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