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Hi! I'm Matt! Here to serve YOU!

"Seulement deux choses sont infinies, l'univers et la stupidité humaine, et je ne suis pas sûr au sujet de l'ancien." - Albert Einstein

I have retained some french! Hooray for me! Also, I was Matt for a day, it was cool. Hence the title of this entry. He left his ShopKo pin with me and I wore it all day and people were actually calling me "Matt". My friends are dorks! =] But it's all cool because as Kstah says, All the cool kids are retarded. Hah, I love it.

Leaning from the balcony as if without a care,
Wondering should I take the fall or should I take the stairs?
Have I already fallen over and am spinning in the air?
I dont know, I'm in this vertigo.

Leaning from the precipice that only love would dare,
Spinning in a gravity that only love could bear,
Were to tumble from this couldy height would I fail,
To take it slow? I'm in this vertigo.

Take me down, down to were the rain falls.
Down to were the rain can wash away desire
And I feel I've gone beyond the edge and falling,
Falling like tears into the snow,
Falling in this vertigo.

Leaning from the balcony above the inner stage,
Will I come around too soon? Will it be to late?
Surely there's only one direction I could go at this rate.
Down below, I'm in this vertigo.

If I had my way I would stay up here forever
And never look down.
Leaning from this balcony as if without a care,
Wondering should I take the fall or should I take the stairs?

I think that song was written for me and Matthew. Damn him. I hate how much I like him, it's driving me insane. I think he's a wee bit psychic too. I'll explain, uh, now. =] Good plan, Good times...

Yesterday we all were insanely bored and decided to go terrorize the mall in Madison and then run amuck around State St. and that was great fun! Always is, and I was very relieved too because I was all sad-like because Amanda had called me and Jordan has come back into her life and is being an ass goblin and is going to get himself beat... Anywho! Matt royally cheered me up, Tosha forced me to sit in front with him and there was no real objection, however no one really talked the whole way cuz Matt's system was pumpin'! Woo! He is the most fun person to drive with because he is totally insane. He like, decides to turn in the middle of an interesection and he has this tiny little car that can fit in almost any spot so he just zips between people and never goes less than 75 mph anywhere. It's so fun, but you also realize why they make "Oh Shit" bars. Very fun, very dangerous, very very very fun. I get to do it all again tonight when he and I go see the Jackass movie. Woo! Anyway, back to story time, we held hands talked and all that dorky shit, we basically stood around while shane and phil looked at pipes and whatnot, stupidheads. Love them to death though. But I didn't know that Tosha, Shane, and Phil were planning on staying in Madison, so Matt had to make a special trip all the way back to Deerfield for me and I felt so bad. Cuz he was really late for work because of me. :( But he forgave me obviously seeing as he called me this morning when he woke up. He says we're supposed to watch a disney movie together or something and we were going to do it today before he got called into work. YES! NO MORE INTERRUPTIONS! BACK TO THE STORY! So, we're zipping back through Madison and he plays my favorite techno song ever, and I have no idea how he knew. I never told him. Psychic, it scares me but it's also really cool cuz he had it and that means guess what, he likes even more of the same type of craznap that I do!! It's a sign. Hah, yeah and he and I are going to see Hamlet. And he's taking me to see the Transyberian Orchestra. However, the movie first. Heh, but I accidently forgot about his pin when he dropped me off and he was all sadlike and I just wanted to cheer him up as a priority so I asked him to smile and he did, all out genuine even in his eyes smiling. So I gave him a kiss on the cheek and ran away like a shy little LOSER! But It's all good cuz today, I gave him his pin back before he had to go work and he was like, waiting at the door for me. I feel loved, and it was all cute cuz he was there in his pajamas, glasses, and a bath robe. It was CUTE!!! He gave me a really big hug but his mom was yelling at him and his little siser was staring at us and he was kind of late so he was all, "thanks for coming all the way out here *hug* crazy people in there, but I really have to go get ready for work, sorry to cut it short. I'll see you tonight though, Take care!" I was like... oh the cuteness. I'm hyper now too. It's sick.

Now I'm floating in the summer sky.
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