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Bubble-Bath Castles

Bubble-Bath Castles

I am playing
In bubble-bath castles,
Running my fingers
Down halls of sticky architecture
Tugging at my tips
Like Chinese finger traps.

My palms glide
Over rolling white landscapes,
Scaling soap-sud mountains,
Plunging into popping ravines
As the froth fizzles by my ears,
Dissolving in my little ocean.

I am pulling
Pink, puckered prunes
Slowly down this strange sea monster.
A silly, clandestine creature,
Calm in this candle-lit cove,
and still -- as if asleep.

My eyes close
Cradled by water, I slide.
The last of the islands ebb and flow,
Drawn by a metered tide.
Tiny circles skirt away
With each exhale.

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