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I need a vacation.

I just need a break from the circuited world for awhile. I'm so sick of the beeping, the buzzing, the fans, the blinking lights. I just want some peace.

The most idyllic thing in the world would be to just sit outside under blankets and watch the snow fall. Smell the frost, and listen to nothing but that soft, crushing silence. Watch my breath make clouds, and look at the moon. What I wouldn't give.

I'm sick of the constant e-mail, the incoming calls and texts. I want actual human interaction. Face to face. What happened to eye-contact and the art of conversation? I want to have ridiculous discussions about trees, travel -- anything. I just want to talk, really talk. No distractions. No TV in the background. No movie underscore.

I want to read a book by the fire with a cup of tea. I want everything to be tactile and tangible, not digital. I want to use my hands for something other than punching keys and buttons.

It doesn't have to last forever. Just for little while. Just long enough to prove that I'm not a slave to this.

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