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i wonder

Why, they felt like posting that last entry 5 times. =/ i dont know. anyway, ` cough cough sneeze. I'm fairly sure that i'm sick but oh well. Morning is good. My best friend returneth.! YAY!!! I actually got sleep last night, of course now i'm having an athsma attack along with my cold but yanno. and i had the WEIRDEST dream. Like, we were at solo and ensemble, but it was far away, and brandon took me... and seeing as he lives about 28 hours away...but anywho...this place was PACKED.! like you couldnt hardly move.!
And i saw jason, and mike, and harry, and matt, all being dumb wearing their suits and grinning in an evil sort of way. I wanted to kick them all and trip them cuz for some reason i was sitting on the floor, in jeans, and my stomp t-shirt and mark davidson came up and jumped on my knees, cuz i had them up, and he was standing there and started talking to me and doing skater tricks off my knees. which is weird cuz i never talk to him normally. and there was this one girl, that looked exactly like penny except with really long straight red hair and she was like, scowling at me and she was everywhere. =/ and i saw ian, and he was wearing a tux. i dont know whyyyy. but he was in the parking lot as we were leaving, and i like....jumped out of the sun roof...and slid down the front of the bronco and like kissed him. and seemed sad until i made eye contact with him and all that but i woke up after we kissed so i was like DAMMIT! I dont know how to interpret this dream. It was fruity. and it seemed to last forever.! that could be cuz i slept like 11 hours and what not. But i am peacefully enjoying my morning now and ` sneeze. doing that. well i guess i should go make lunch seing as its noon. wow, i woke up at like 11:30. weird.
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