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What Is New: Professional Edition

The last time we talked about work, I mentioned that I was no longer working for a scum-sucking corporation that gleefully wallows in the muck of bankruptcies, foreclosures, and shattered dreams. Neither am I unemployed and suffering painful interviews.

Nay! For the past six months, I have been working as a HUB Editor for Internet Broadcasting, a truly marvelous company that I absolutely enjoy on every level. I have a TV at my completely adjustable, moves-up-and-down-at-the-push-of-a-button desk which is decorated with a zebra print lava lamp (you bet your ass the wax is hot pink), mardi gras beads, a poster of Hunter S. Thompson and a collection of pictures of cats with stuff on them. We also have a Wii in the break room. I box when the news makes me angry.

So what does a Hub Editor dooo? That's complicated. I think it is sufficient to say that we pretty much just rock all the time, as my favorite coworker baltpup25 will tell you. Long story short, a broadcast news reporter e-mails me some facts and I throw together a story as fast as possible and then put it on the Intertubes for the public's edification because the Good Lord knows broadcast journalists can't write to save their lives.

I also maintain two news indexes focusing on education and environmental news, which is pretty sweet. I get to write touching stories about how students in Baltimore have taken a stand against teen violence by creating music videos and about how geothermal energy can rock your world -- and your energy bill over winter.

I also do a lot of odd jobs. Slideshows, features, video transfers, whatever is necessary to make our news coverage comprehensive and awesome. If you Google my name you'll find about a frillion articles I've written. It's still bizarre to me that at 23 I'm doing exactly what I want to be doing for a company I love with people I adore. I love going to work, and I feel very fortunate.

Best Moment: When my boss called me to ensure that I would interview for this job.
Worst Moment: When a member of my team got laid off.
Weirdest Moment: On Sunday I had to write a story about elephant herpes. Never thought that day would come, but there you have it.

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