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This ruined puzzle...

The open season, calls out her name
And the creatures of remorse, hand her the blame
The claws of the demons, scratching at her soul
They cling to the one hope, no chance of letting go

But they can't see
The stars are making enemies…

The wasting of your touch
You had to feel too much
And now the walls are closing in on you

And though it seems surreal
Distorted lies won't heal
The torment of reality, we have to face someday

You face a mixture, the dark replaces blue
And the lights of redirection, see you through
Now it seems so faded, skies are wide but calm
Wave of passion swept you, now memories are gone

But they can't see
The stars are making enemies…

I hate being invisible. I hate always being dismissed as unimportant. Oh it doesn't matter if you blow her off... I hate being just the background noise. I hate that people that don't know me, are talking about me and influencing other people that don't know me. I hate crying in the dark. I hate sitting at home alone. I hate that no one has called. I hate that no one will. I hate feeling so empty, and alone. I hate knowing that it's more than a feeling, it's my state of being. I hate this town. I hate highschool. I hate the world. I hate being me. I guess I'm just one of the losers that hates everything.
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