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Your assistance is required.

Okay. So I need your help.

I have this absolutely batshit assignment for work. I'm supposed to write 300-500 words on what is in store for McCain if/when he loses the upcoming election.

For the life of me, I can't think of anything other than 1) will remain a Senator until 2010, 2) remain on the two senate committees he currently sits on, 3) retire or die.

I don't know how in all of God's green goodness I'm going to write more than 3 sentences, so I have decided to go the Onion route. Let's rabbit-hole this bitch!

So please, don your Lewis Carol hats and tell me what you'd like to see McCain do after this election. Perhaps he will become the first geriatric superhero. Maybe he will meet -- and perhaps eat -- the muffin man. He could subsist solely on spam and daisies. No idea is too absurd.

Please, let me have it. I'm dying here.

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