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I'm good to 20 degrees, let's go!

I am excited about my recent camping purchases! Lookit!

It's aptly named the Cat's Meow, and boy is it ever! I can't wait to try it out.

It is such a marked improvement over that giant red Coleman flannel sleeping bag my parents got me for Christmas last year. Not that I'm not grateful for it, but the tent and bag they gave were not even remotely suited for hiking.

My new bag has a compression bag and will easily fit into the bottom part of my hiking pack, leaving the rest of the cavity free for my still-too-heavy tent, clothes, and supplies.

I also got a self-inflating air mattress that when deflated I can clip to the outside of my pack... so that rules. I really want to go camping now! I might hit up Afton. Anyone wanna go?

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