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If you are not angry or frightened, you are not paying attention.

I just wanted to ask, are you aware than in 30 days Sarah Palin may be next in line to the throne?

If that doesn't send a shiver down your spine, then you clearly don't have one.

This next month is going to be ugly. It seems that McCain will ramp up his attacks on Obama, and no doubt will churn out a slew of extremely irritating -- and in all likelihood wildly untrue -- television ads.

Their newest tack is to attack Obama's character. Started today by Sarah Palin insinuating that Obama is "palling around" with a terrorist -- Bill Ayers. This is ludicrous for a number of reasons, not least of which the fact that Ayers' alleged sins were committed when Obama was 8. Obama wasn't even in the country when he was 8. He was in Indonesia.

Ayers is now a very respectable man. All charges were dropped, by the way, and Ayers is now a professor teaching young, impressionable minds at the University of Illinois in Chicago. He's been in Chicago politics awhile fighting for education, a cause dear to Obama. Their paths were bound to cross incidentally, especially when you consider they just happen to live in the same neighborhood. Still, they don't "hang." It's not like they're chummin' it up, throwing back beers for every White Sox game while plotting the demise of the Pentagon.

Seriously, Palin.

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